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News !!! SERVER OPEN !

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News !!! SERVER OPEN ! Empty News !!! SERVER OPEN !

Post  Logoth (Ex Xagok) Tue 29 Jul - 0:16

-------- HELLAWAITS KO OPENS TODAY!!! -------- I just want to let you all know that Hellawaits is re-opening today! A lot hasbeen done over the past few months to make the game better and more fun for everyone! The official time is will not be set in stone anywhere so to be the first to get in on the actioncheck here http://KO.Hellawaitsko.com. You will see a large server status, as soon as server goes public that will say ONLINE!!!! The Hellawaits team will be following the rules that they have been set to keep the game fair and competitive. Just like the team, you will be expected to follow the server rules! If you fail to abide then you will simply be removed so you dont ruin the game for others. Now thats all the rules and regulations out of the way heres a little info on the new server. The exp is fair up to level 70, then your in for a bit of a challenge Smile There are good boss drop rate and spawn times.Easy upgrade scroll drops, lvl 62 master and lvl 70 skills. We now have a fully automated Powerup system. You can buy Premium or HellCash(HC) from in game or on the website BUTas soon as we recieve the payment your account is auto updated! So theres no more waiting around to get your powerupsmore time to play! Premium comes with a lot of benefits like; - 30% EXP Boost - Less EXP loss when you die- More coin recieved when you loot a monster- Reduced prices in the NPC Stores- Reduced cost on repairs all for just $5/month! When you get some hellscash you can buy items from our powerup store and they get placed straight into your accounts INN Hostess!!! The next improvement for both community and to make it easier for us to help you is, the Hellawaits Supportsystem! With the use of live-help(instant messaging), Knowledgebase(Frequently asked questions type thing) and support tickets(Ask a question and get an answer)! No more spammed up and flooded forum to sift through when you need help! The next thing is the events, i cant say much about this at the minute as it will be sorted out by the team when everyone gets back onto the server! But we will be running things like lunar wars, castle siege wars, clan wars, 1v1s and much much more. At the minute as far as custom weapons and armours is concerned, there isnt any. We want to see how the game balances out in the first few weeks before we start doing that too make sure we dont totally overpower one class or something along those lines. ****************************************************************************************************************** ****************************************************************************************************************** - PLEASE READ *IMPORTANT NOTE* As this is a KO server im sure you can understand that it isnt 100% perfect to the real thing. There arestill a few things not working BUT i can assure you everyone that they will be. The Main one is that archery skills dont seem to be working, along with master skills level 65+. We WONT be closing the server herethere and everywhere at random times anymore, as i know how interupting that can be when trying to play! Iintend to schedule maintenance once a week for maybe a half an hour to apply fixes that i have been working onexternally. ****************************************************************************************************************** ****************************************************************************************************************** OK i think thats enough information for everyone at the minute Smile Thanks for taking the time to read and we hope to see everyone stopping in! Main Website: http://KO.Hellawaitsko.comSupport: http://Support.Hellawaitsko.comForums: http://Forum.Hellawaitsko.comIRC Chat: http://irc.hellawaitsko.com/
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